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Should you use a blog network (PBN) ?

As SEO strategies go, few have become as hyped as building a private blog network. It’s true, PBNs can offer a quick, easy blast of power. When done right they can be a near unstoppable, almost undetectable ranking strategy. But considering the work involved in building your own network it’s not always clear that a PBN is the right tool for the job. It’s hard work protecting your sites from competitors and Google. Could you get simpler, cheaper results through content marketing? Or even just outreaching to bloggers and exchanging a link for products, bribes or cold hard cash? Given the hype, it’s definitely worth remembering there is more than one way to skin a cat. Any effective SEO should be considering both the risk to their money sites and the upfront and recurring costs of building a network. When you shouldn’t use a  private blog network When operating in a non-commercial or easy-to-share niche Run a site on cuddly animals like kittens? A hobby people obsess about? A cause such a
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What Is A PBN Backlink? And How to Build It

  Whether you are starting your career in the field of SEO or an intermediate or advanced level SEO professional, you must know what are private blog network backlinks or PBN backlinks and how to build them. You should READ AT INSTRUCTIONs provided in this write-up to know more about this concept and the step-by-step method to help you to build PBN backlinks effectively. WHAT IS PBN OR A PRIVATE BLOG NETWORK? PBN is a network of a trusted and reliable website that is linked to a money-making website to gain a higher rank on the result pages of search engines. In this way, a private money-making website makes a network of certain reliable websites that are not linked with each other. Though search engines like Google etc. do not approve the use of PBNs to improve the ranking of a website on result pages still many people are building PBNs and higher ranking on SERPs. INTRODUCTION TO PBN OR PRIVATE BLOG NETWORK BACKLINK The links developed by a network of blogs or websites with a money s

How to Build High Quality Backlinks in 2020

  Building backlinks   are one of the most effective ways to gain organic traffic to your website and increase your ranking in Google but in order to notice results, you need to focus more on the quality than the quantity of those backlinks. Here are some smart strategies that will help you build high-quality backlinks. Backlinks Through Infographics Infographics  are effective for backlinks because they contain interesting information that it is easy to digest, they are easily shareable, and are visually attractive to the audience. The steps to take advantage of infographics are simple: * Create the Infographic: It can’t be a basic infographic, it has to be a unique and valuable one. It should have an attractive design, contain interesting facts or statistics, and create a useful guide about a topic related to your niche. * Now you have to publish the infographic on your site and sites like  Pinterest   or  Infographic Journal . Your audience should be able to share the infographic in

Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic

Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic With the rapidly changing in the  search engine algorithms, there is a need for constant change in SEO techniques  to get a high rank. The  SEO techniques that used  to rank your page of the search engine may now be obsolete. Some of those techniques might lead to penalties over a period of time or  reduce your website  ranking. The following section provides you the top effective  SEO techniques that help you rank  your website in search engines and get organic traffic. A high  website rank provides you with quality  leads and high conversions. The white hat SEO techniques described here help your website to rank higher and achieve the goals you desire. It also  improves the ROI of your SEO  investment and avoids penalties from search engines. 1. Optimize voice search. More and more users are utilizing voice searches to query Google. Voice search has become one of the most important factors in the search engine ranking. Its u